Booksnboots Inc. was established in 2015 in response to the growing demand for books in First Nations rural and remote communities and schools. We saw this as a vital element in helping close the literacy gap for First Nations children. National studies have shown that a child who is assisted by parents at home in reading, and read to, not only begin learning earlier but have a more thorough understanding of the elements of literature.


    We began by lobbying for pre-loved books at inner Melbourne Council libraries and advertising for private donors. Our Board consists of Non-Indigenous and Indigenous Directors. We also aim to collect and distribute sports footwear to these same rural and remote communities. We continue to work with existing education and sporting organisations in partnering communities, without duplicating the valuable assistance they already provide.

  • Projects

    The Tiny Treasures Project

    Re-homing children's picture books

    The Tiny Treasures project facilitates the provision of pre-loved and new books to remote area primary school age children in Australia. Tiny Treasures seek and collect donations of children's picture books throughout the year and re-distribute the books to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities nationally.


    In 2016 the Tiny Treasures project collected and distributed over 700 children's books to the Tiwi Islands; Bathurst and Melville Islands. We have established an ongoing partnership with the Tiwi Aboriginal community who are grateful for the assistance the Tiny Treasures project has provided.

    Keeping Culture

    Mothers and Daughters group

    Keeping Culture is a Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mothers and Daughter's group held once a month in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. The group aims to strengthen the mother and daughter relationship through storytelling and the sharing of culture. Keeping Culture recognises the importance of oral history in Indigenous culture and the value it brings to identity, learning and the developing child.


    Koori Homework Club

    After school homework club for Primary aged Koori Kids

    Koori Homework Club (KHC) is an after school supervised home work club where primary aged Koori students can attend for assistance with their homework. KHC operates for one and a half hours once a week in the outer Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Afternoon snack provided and parents are encouraged to attend. Please contact Books n Boots for further detail.

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